Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Otto Spaniol


Research Topics:

Communication Systems,
Distributed Systems

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RWTH Aachen
Lehrstuhl für Informatik 4

D-52056 Aachen

Education and Employment History

  • Full Professor (Communication and Distributed Systems), RWTH Aachen, since 1984

  • Full Professor (Operating Systems), University of Frankfurt/Main, 1981-1984

  • Associate Professor (Operating Systems), University of Bonn, 1976-1981

  • Assistant Professor (Computer Science), University of Saarbrücken, 1972-1976

  • Dr. rer. nat., University of Saarbrücken, 1971

  • Dipl.-Math., University of Saarbrücken, 1964-1968

Research Interests, Major Grants, Achievements, Appointments

  • Mobile and Wireless Networks (e.g., Projects in PROMETHEUS-PROCOM, DRIVE; other EU projects, e.g. VASCO, TISMAC, ParcelCall; BMBF projects MoPS, URMEL)

  • Network Management (e.g., EU projects OnTheMOve, Move, numerous DFG projects)

  • Mobile and Intelligent Agents (e.g. EU project AMASE, several DFG and BMBF projects)

  • Middleware Platforms (e.g. EU project EuroBridge, UNIVERSAL, SFB 476 IMPROVE)

  • Security in Networks (e.g., EU IP PRIME)

  • Performance evaluation of communication systems

  • Founder and Chairman, Graduiertenkolleg (Graduate School) ‘Computer Science and Technology’ (1991-2000)

  • Chairman, Graduiertenkolleg (Graduate School) GRK 643 ‘Software for Mobile Communication Systems’ (since 2000)

  • Editor of numerous national and international journals (e.g. Informatik-Spektrum, Informatik-Forschung&Entwicklung)

  • PC member of many conferences, too numerous to be listed here (e.g., more than half of all IFIP TC6 sponsored conferences)

  • Member, German Research Council (Wissenschaftsrat) (1998 – 2003)

  • German representative, IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) TC 6 (Communication Systems) since 1983; Chairman 1992-1997 and again since 2004.

  • DFG: Elected Chairman, Board of Reviewers ‘Practical Computer Science’, 8 years (maximum)

  • IFIP Silver Core Award (1995)

  • Marin Drinov Award (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), 1997

  • Doctor honoris causa obtained from Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia; October 2006

Selected Recent Publications

    Kotsis, G., Spaniol, O.: Wireless Systems and Mobility in Next Generation Internet. Springer LNCS 3427, 2005. ISBN 3-540-25239-7. (Book)
    Günes, M., Spaniol, O.:Ant-based routing algorithms for mobile multi-hop ad-hoc networks. In: Gaiti, Pujolle: Proc. of NETCON 2003, Kluwer 2003, S. 120-138. Spaniol, O.: Mobilfunk und Sicherheit: (Wie) Passt das zusammen? Nordrhein-Westfälische Akademie der Wissenschaften 2000 (48 S.)
    Spaniol, O., Meggers, J.: Active Network Nodes for Adaptive Multimedia Communication. In: Yongchareon, Aagesen, Wuwongse: Intelligence in Networks (Proceedings of SMARTNET’99), Kluwer Acad. Publishers 1999, S. 1-18.
    Küpper, A., Spaniol, O., Jakobs,K.: Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems (UMTS) - Mobile Communication in the 21st Century. In: The Froehlich/Kent Encyclopedia of Telecommunications. Vol. 17 (Television Technology to Wire Antennas). Marcel Dekker, Inc. 1999. S. 151 - 179. ISBN 0-8247-2902-1.
    Kesdogan, D., Büschkes, R., Spaniol, O.: Stop-And-Go MIXes Providing Probabilistic Anonymity in an Open System. In: G. Müller, K. Rannenberg (eds.): Multilateral Security in Communications; vol. 3: Technology, Infrastructure, Economy. Addison-Wesley 1999, ISBN 3-8273-1360-0, S. 365 – 380.
    Spaniol O., Schuba M.: Interconnection of Local Area Networks via ATM. In: Danthine et al. (Hrsg.), High-Performance Networks for Multimedia Applications. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998, S. 81-91.
    Spaniol, O., Meuser, M.: Performance of Access Mechanisms for High-Speed Local Area Networks. In: Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology. Vol. 35. Edited by Allen Kent and James G. Williams. Marcel Dekker Inc. 1996, ISBN 0-8247-2288-4. S. 289-313.
    Spaniol, O., Fasbender, A., Hoff, S., Kaltwasser, J., Kassubek, J.: Impacts of Mobility on Telecommunication and Data Networks. IEEE Personal Communications, 1995, S. 20-33. Spaniol, O.: High Performance Networking: Driving Forces and Handicaps. In: Iversen, V.B. (Hrsg.): Proceedings of IFIP/ICCC Conference on "Integrated Broadband Communication Networks and Services". North-Holland 1994. S. 1-10.

Research Supervision

Dissertations since 2000

    Persaud, R.: Core network Mobility Active MPLS, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2006
    Wallbaum, M.: Indoor Geolocation Using Wireless Local Area Networks, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2006
    Pils, C.: Leistungsorientierte Dienstselektion für mobile Agenten im Internet – Elektronische Staumelder auf der Datenautobahn, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2005
    Imhoff, F.: Objekt orientierte Dienste in konvergierenden Kommunikationsnetzen, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2005
    Bouazizi, I.: Proxy Caching for Robust Video Delivery over Lossy Networks, 2004
    Thißen, D.: Trader-basiertes Dienstmanagement in offenen Dienstmärkten, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2004
    Park, A.: A Service-Based Agent System Supporting Mobile Computing, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2004
    Günes, M.: Routing und Adressierung in mobilen multi-hop Ad-hoc-Netzen, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2004
    Fidler, M.: Providing Internet Quality of Service based on Differentiated Services Traffic Engineering, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2003
    El Abdouni Khayari, R.: Workload-Driven Design and Evaluation of Web-Based-Systems, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2003
    Stenzel, R.: Steuerungsarchitektur für autonome mobile Roboter, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2002
    Lipperts, St.: Mobile Agent Support Services, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2002
    Küpper, A.: Nomadic Communication in Converging Networks, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, Cseh, Chr.: Flow Control for the Available Bit Rate Service in Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2001
    Büschkes, R.: Angriffserkennung in Kommunikationsnetzen, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2001
    Meggers, J.: Adaptiver Videotransport in Mobilfunknetzen, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2001
    Trossen, D.; Scalable Group Communication in Tightly Coupled Environments, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2000
    Ludwig, R.: Eliminating Inefficient Cross-Layer Interactions in Wireless Networking, Dissertation RWTH Aachen, 2000


    Linnhoff-Popien, Claudia: Anwendungsorientierte Kommunikations- und Management-mechanismen für Verteilungsplattformen, Habilitation RWTH Aachen, 1998
    Kesdogan, Dogan: Vertraulichkeit in Kommunikationsnetzen, Habilitation RWTH Aachen, 2007.